About Premiere Packaging

Premiere Packaging is recognized in the industry as a leader in flexible packaging and customer satisfaction.

Premiere Packaging got its start in the flexible packaging business in the mid-2000s. Back then, we specialized in the printing and lamination of bags and roll stock. As technology improved, so did Premiere Packaging with 4-color process printing. We continued to improve our printing and lamination capabilities into the new millennium with 10-color printing and solvent-less lamination technology. To this day, we continue to explore new printing and conversion capabilities including shaped and spouted pouches.

Our staff is experienced and talented, and among the most proficient in the flexible packaging industry. From design to finished product, they provide innovative solutions that meet the flexible packaging needs of our customers throughout the country.

Our 24-hour operation enables us to offer fast turnaround delivery times. At Premiere Packaging, we take delivery commitments seriously. We understand that a well designed, creative, quality package needs to be on time to be a success story.

Premiere Packaging operates from its modern facilities in South America, from where it ships finished products to its customer base across North America.